Julian Schmidt

I’m a Frontend Developer and UX Engineer from Munich, currently working at Carhartt WIP. I started learning web development in 2013 and haven’t stopped since. In my work I focus on building impactful yet easy to use web experiences with a deep understanding for both design and engineering challenges.


I develop websites and design interfaces, specializing in animation and interactivity. My work is focussed on easy to use, engaging and well working digital experiences. For this I work with clients, designers and agencies from Germany and all over Europe.


Tulbeckstr. 57, 80339 München, Germany


GitHub, LinkedIn, Twitter


I have a background in Graphic Design and I completed my B.A. Communication Design in 2014 and my B.Sc. Media informatics in 2018. Since 2014 I’m working as a freelance web developer and designer.


HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Vue.js, Nuxt, Git, NPM, PNPM, GSAP, MotionOne, Groq, Sanity, Strapi, WordPress


Sketch, Figma, Photoshop, InDesign, After Effects, VSCode


Design centric problem solving, well structured working habits, quickly adjusting to new tasks

Language Skills

German (native), English (fluent)

Web Interests

Modern CSS, Web Animations, Web Standards, Accessibility

Non Web Interests

Photography, Modern Art, Movies, my Dog Kuma